ESD - Electrostatic Dissipative Matting   Work Surfaces Floor Matting Specialty
Small charges of static electricity can easily destroy microprocessors, microchips and other electronics. People and products must be in a static controlled environment when manufacturing and servicing electronic components and equipment. Every surface that comes into contact with a static sensitive component must be able to discharge static at a certain rate of speed. Too fast, it may cause shocks to the operator or cause an explosion. Too slow, it may destroy the component.

Emboss Patterns:


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CompoStat® Solid Runners
A homogenous polymer mix of durable PVC, CompoStat V-Groove solid matting runners are designed to provide a static safe work area for a wide variety of applications where ESD properties are required. These runners are permanently static dissipative. To maintain optimal performance, regular cleaning with mild soap and water or an ESD safe vinyl cleaner is recommended.

Colors: Gray, Brown
Emboss: V-Groove, Pebble

CompoStat® Anti Fatigue
CompoStat Anti Fatigue mats are constructed with a closed-cell expnaded PVC. These mats are designed to provide comfort and reduce worker fatigue in static sensitive environments.

Colors: Gray, Brown
Emboss: Texured
ComforStat™ Anti Fatigue
ComforStat is a rubberized Anti Fatigue mat with vinyl nitrile construction, making it 2 to 3 times more resilient than ordinary vinyl sponge matting. The combination of vinyl and nitrile rubber puts an added spring in your step, contributing to user comfort. ComforStat's anti-fatigue qualities can be used in environments where ESD protection is crucial.

Colors: Gray
Emboss: Textured