Ultrak® with Unibond® adhesive system Ultrak
The Ultrak Commercial Grade Traction Tread series has been engineered to elevate safety-in-design to higher standards. Our exclusive Unibond® manufacturing technique produces a pressure-sensitive anti-slip PVC composite that can increase surface to surface coefficient of friction but is not susceptible to adhesive failure due to plasticizer migration. Unibond® adhesive coated composites feature a polyester barrier between the adhesive and PVC film. This permanent structural barrier increases the dimensional stability of the product and eliminates any plasticizer migration from the PVC into the adhesive, the primary cause of an adhesive failure with PVC films. Our high performance, permanent acrylic mounting adhesive provides excellent peel and shear values, as well as resistance to chemicals.

Emboss Patterns:


*Custom colors available on orders of 3,000 ft. or more


57” W x 75’ L


1/32” (.030”)
3/64” (.045”)
1/16” (.060”)
3/32” (.094”)
1/8” (.125”)
5/32” (.156”)
3/16” (.188”)


Ultrak brochure (pdf)