Sound Barriers Ultrabloc Ultrasorb
Ultrabloc and Ultrasorb control sound by dampening sound vibrations & blocking acoustic energy. Pandel’s mass loaded vinyl is lead free & made to comply with UL & DOT specifications. Sound barrier products also help insulate temperatures. Our process allows for the manufacture of a range of different weights & gauges of barriers, from 0.5 lb./ft2 to 2 lb./ft2 (0.06” — 0.25”). This process also allows the manufacture of barriers with a reinforcing scrim or barriers with a closed or open cell foam backing for extra absorption. An optional adhesive backing is also available for adhering to wood, metal or plastic. Ultrabloc and Ultrasorb offer a Mylar film coating that provides an extra durable & water/chemical resistant product.

Emboss Patterns:




54” W x 60’ L max.

Weight per Area (lb./ft2):

0.5# (0.055”, STC 8)
1# (0.110”, STC 16)
1.5# (0.160”, STC 24)
2# (0.220”, STC 32)


sound barrier (pdf)


Foam Backing | STC 26